Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conner experiences a new sensation!

Yes, Conner experience the sensation of dizziness for the first time today. And he does not like it!!

Today I could tell Conner was a little off. He was very cuddly, and needed to touch me or Jailyn during every lesson or activity.
Last night he didn't sleep well, we had a thunderstorm and tornado warnings. A neighbor's house was struck by lightning a few years ago and since then Conner is scared to death of thunder and lightening.(all were save) When he heard the Tornado siren go off - that was all he could take. The bad part is that Mom and Dad slept through the siren. Big brother was woken too, but just sent Conner back to bed.

Anyway, Conner did his school work. He had a harder time focusing today then he has since we began home schooling. I knew he was tired from the rough night - so I didn't push him too far today (I'll just revamp the lesson plans for tomorrow.)
This afternoon Conner had Occupational Therapy. This was only his 2nd appointment. He was excited to go, and we planned to go to the book store after. He loves that!
Jailyn and I waited for him - when he came out - he looked like he hadn't slept for a week. I have never seen him look so exhausted!! He had a headache and was sick to his stomach. His therapist apologized, not knowing what Conner's levels are at yet, she felt bad that she pushed him so far. She said, that he never told her that he was getting dizzy. He said that he didn't know that was what dizzy felt like.
Poor guy!
I haven't gotten much information out of him as he fell asleep in the car on the way home. (we didn't go to the book store) And has been asleep since - 2 hours already.

Guess OT isn't for whimps!

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Amy said...

Poor Conner!! I'm sure it will be better next time. Carson loves his OT!! Carson HATES the fire drills at school. He goes crying to his teacher every time. I can't imagine how he would react if we had tornado sirens going off!! Scary!!


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