Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boats or shoes???


Brady is 14 years old and wears size 14 men's shoes! He is just over 6 feet tall with no end in sight! As Brady is a total soccer geek we have been searching for affordable shoes that will fit him! We are still looking!! Why couldn't he of taken up basketball?
If any one stalking our blog has any ideas of where we can look - please feel free to leave a comment and help us!!!

FYI - no new word on Jorja. I was shopping this morning and was good not to buy anything! I have no idea what size she is. I am guessing at 3T, but that is just a gut feeling - I have specific information. But when I do buy her any clothes - I suppose that if they don't fit - I can save them for Jailyn. It's just so hard to not get matching clothes for Jailyn and Jorja! Today I saw the cutest jackets vests - one in brown with pink polk-a-dots and the other pink with brown polk-a-dots. Oh how cute! I was good and resisted!!! Maybe they will still be there, and on sale when we get some information! :)

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