Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DAY 110!!!

Wow! This marks the day 110 of us waiting for our LOA for Jorja!
I've conceded to the realization that we will not have her home for Christmas.
This makes me soooo sad!!! Now I am hopefully that we will have her home for
her 5th birthday, Feb 16th. I can't believe she is going to be 5 already! The first photo
we have over her was taken when she was 3 ( maybe younger, but I think three).

321 days since we were approved to be her parents through our adoption agency, Lifeline
Children Services

Jorja, we talk about you daily! Jailyn can't wait to have a sister her age. She has your
spot saved in the car and every shopping cart that she sits in! I have to hold my purse,
rather then put it in the cart because Jailyn is saving your spot!
We miss you and love you!!!

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Amy said...

110!!! Yikes!! It just HAS to be coming soon! Lots of people at my agency got theirs last week. I think most were right around 120, so hopefully soon. I'm sure you will have her home for her birthday!!


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