Friday, October 17, 2008

My heart is sooo heavy with this news!! And my eyes are over flowing with tears!

Some of you may remember this little boy that I posted on Jailyn's blog last December. His name is Zhang Qi or QiQi we called him. He was rescued from the orphanage and brought to the Siping Foster Care Center. The center loved and cared for QiQi! They fed him and did everything they could for him!
When he was healthy enough to return to the orphanage he did. The Siping Foster Care Center felt every confidence that he was strong enough and that the orphanage staff would take good care of him.

Hannah, from Siping, recently asked the orphanage director how he was doing. As she knew he was at the orphanage but had not seen him. Hannah was told that he was not doing well. He has cleft lip and just took too long to eat. The staff didn't have time to care for him. QiQi was starving to death again.
Hannah,immediately received permission to bring QiQi back to Siping for care. The nannies at Siping took care of him and loved him with all the love they could give! By May, he had put on enough weight that he could have his cleft lip repaired. But, then he began having seizures. Some so intense that he would stop breathing for a while. He had fluid on his brain but not enough to require a shunt. Medications slowed the seizures and everyone waited and watched as QiQi seemed to get better.
On October 9th, he began having seizures with a fever. By the 11th, the fever continued, even with the medication he had six seizures that day. On the 12th, the fever continued. And on Oct 13th, the seizures began again and little QiQi passed away at 10:00.
The nannies said that he never smiled on his own. But, I trust that Jesus is holding QiQi and he is smiling in the arms of Jesus!
Love you QiQi and praying for your Nannies at Siping who miss you dearly!

And, thank you to God for giving Jailyn nannies who cared for her and took the time to feed her and hold her for the first 16 months of her life!

To support children in need like QiQi see : Bringing Hope to Children


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Oh I cannot see through the tears to type. Devistatingly sad. I take comfort in knowing this little guy is in a place where there is complete healing.. no pain and only hapiness.

Praying for his nannies, and pinching the budget to find a way to help.


Heather said...

Oh, how they touch our heart, leave scars and never know. the children on he WC lists that are never chosen or the ones like this one that you have a direct connection with.
Prayers for you my friend
Heather BT

Christina M. said...

QiQi is now in Heaven with Jesus getting all the LOVE and ATTENTION that he is worthy of getting. He will never experience neglect or hunger again. Praise God for this truth!
QiQi I never met you but I miss a lot!

Christina M.

Stephanie said...

QiQi is in his Heavenly Father's arms right now....smiling on his own.


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