Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Purple Highlighter!

I love my "day timer"! I am a list person and can't be responsible to remember anything if the event or assignment is not written down in my day timer! To help me keep organized I find it easier to fill in the next weeks events on Sunday night.
Sunday night consists of making school lunches for the week, finishing laundry for the week, and making sure my weekly calendar is filled in!
With this I also have each child assigned a color - I highlight the activity in that color!
Brady - blue
Kenzie - green
Conner - yellow
Jailyn - pink
myself - orange
Bryan - has no color, he has to be on his own to keep his own calendar!

Today, Jailyn and I picked up another color highlighter!
Jorja will be purple! Hopefully, she will be happy with the color we chose for her!
Come on LOA!


Heather said...

Hmmm, you're up to purple now, what happens if there's another meant for you - black? ;)
Heather BT

Amy said...

You are so organized!!! I'm still trying to get organized since Presley got home and I don't function well in chaos. I have been such a total flake lately and forget EVERYTHING!! I can't wait to see your dayplanner with lots of purple highlights in it!!



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