Friday, October 17, 2008

Movie Night

I have two friends (a couple from church) who are working with a ministry helping the victims of human trafficing. Their stories are seem so unreal, but I know they are true. Human trafficing is the third most lucrative trafficing - guns and drugs are first and second. Human trafficing is growing in every country and becoming more lucrative. This is slavery!! Girls and Boys are tied up in brothels unable to leave! Some families have been paying off "debts" to their owners for four generations.
In many countries, orphans are prime victims for this slavery!

Another friend and I met our friends downtown to see the new movie Call + Response. It was a very good movie. It is kind of an Awareness Concert and documentary all together. It was very informative and eye opening. If it is showing near you, I suggest you go see it. It's not a feel good movie but hopefully it will move all of us to respond and do something!


Amy said...

You've been tagged! Go to my blog to see what you need to do!!

Christina M. said...
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