Thursday, September 25, 2008

Typhoon Hagupit

This Typhoon has hit Jorja's providence!
I have no idea how this is affecting our sweet girl! Thousands have been evacuated but I have no idea if her orphanage is in danger. Please pray with us as we trust God will take care of our girl and all of her friends!
I have not seen her city listed on any reports so, I guess that is good news.

I hate being away from my kids! I let our kids sleep with me when it is raining - a typhoon??? Are you kidding me?
I need to hold my beautiful girl!!!


Tena said...

sending prayers for Jorja...
good to see you today. i'm just sad Miss J wouldn't give me a hug!
maybe tomorow?

Heather said...

Must just be driving you bonkers. Not Knowing, not having a way to find out. Prayers my friend.
Heather BT


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