Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wonderful lady!

There is only one wonderful women in this world (so far) who taught our three older, crazy kids.

Yes, Brady had Mrs. Steiner in 5th grade. Kenzie had her two years later, also in 5th grade and now Conner has been blessed with her as his long term sub from the first day of 4th grade until tomorrow. He was so excited to finally get a teacher that both of his older siblings had!
Mrs. Steiner is a wonderful teacher, an incredible person and a cherished friend!
Mrs. Steiner, Thank you for being such a help to all of us!!!
Thank you for letting God use you in each of my children's lives!
You are incredibly special to all of us!!
Now that you aren't subbing full time - let's do lunch! :)

Okay, and because Jailyn felt left out and wanted her picture taken -
here's are silly little girl!

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Justin and Alyson said...

Jodi...thank you so much!!!! I can't believe you did a post about me! I love each of your kids, and it has been so much fun having them each as students! Who knows... maybe I'll even get Jailyn and Jorja someday! Wouldn't that be crazy?! You and Bryan are amazing parents, and are examples to me of the kind of parents I hope that Justin and I will be someday! Love you, Andersons!!


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