Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jailyn's glasses

I realized that I hadn't posted any photos of Jailyn with her new glasses! She loves them! The first week, they kept falling down her nose, so we went back to have them tightened. They are perfect now! Jailyn loves them! It is the first thing she wants to put on in the morning and the last thing she takes off at night! They are her newest accessory! :)
Not to mention the best attention getter! :)

Update on Jorja:
We are hoping no news is good news. We haven't heard anything and are desperately praying for some word! I'm not very good at "winging" it. And to think we may be in China for Thanksgiving or even worse Christmas - I have a lot of preparations to make.
Jailyn is ready for us to go. She told me last night. "You and Daddy need to go to China to get Jorja!" I said, "I know, we really need to go!" She continued, "And I need to stay at my home with Mimi and Papa Paul!"
Well, I guess she is ready for us to go - and will have no problem with us leaving!
She has grown up so much!!!

Jailyn has been doing some homeschooling! She loves adding to her calendar every day and going over the days of the week. She loves singing her letters and singing her ABC's song. She is such an easy student! She loves to spell her name with her magnetic letters! She's so proud of herself!

Though I love having her home and schooling her myself. She will begin a special speech therapy preschool. Conner was in this preschool also. It's a great program through our school district.
Jailyn had her first meeting with her teacher. She of course has her wrapped around her little pinky already! We met all the office staff and some other teachers. Jailyn is pretty comfortable with all of them already and thinks she is the princess of the school!
Here is a photo of her outside the school, after our first meeting. My baby is all grown up!!!


Heather said...

AAh Yes, the small child not quite fitting into glasses syndrome, very familiar with it. I thought I'd avoid it with Acer's goggle like spec's but even then there are issues. His lenses stay in place, it's the elastic going around the back of his head that's always sliding down, and even folding his ears out a little!
Oh well, hers help her see and Acer's help protect his eyes and even his forehead.
Hope you get some good news soon, we just sent our final documents to the agency (they had us re-do three) so I figure we're traveling Februaryish.
Heather BT

Tena said...

I can't wait to hear about the antics Miss J gets into when she starts her speech program! Love the glasses!


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