Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"You brought the circus with you today"

This post has been on my heart for a while,
it's a hard post.
But, I have to share,
hopefully it will help someone.

Visiting new places with our family is always stressful!

We have to go over
 where we are going,
why we are going,
what the surroundings will be like,
who will be there...

and do this about 8 times!!! 
(9 if Conner is with us)

Going to a restaurant is stressful for some
because making choices are just too hard!
For some, the noise level is too much!
For some, just the excitement is too much! 

Everyone responds differently,
so mom is on point when we go out! haha!
Well, I try to be! 

So when we enter a supposedly friendly, welcoming place,
Kids are all behaving themselves,
and are actually all pretty nervous so they are 
attached to mom 
and very quiet...

and we get 
"You brought the circus with you today" -
 mom's blood kind of boils more then any of my kids!

I am sharing this, 
not to complain about a certain establishment,
I'm sure others there who are lovely,

but, I share to remind all of us -
when someone comes into our lives that may be 
a little different then what society says is "normal" 
please be kind! 
And think before you speak! 
And know that little ears, 
no matter how little - they hear! 

And their hearts hurt! 

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