Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Surprised emotions

My sweet Hagan surprised me today 
with an emotional reaction.

Hagan is usually so calm 
and easy going, 
taking everything in stride.

Today he and Griggs had a dental appointment.
Each of the boys had a little cavity that needed attention.
Griggs went first -
no problems!

And then it was Hagan's turn.
He was just there last week for his check up and had no problems.

Today was so different,
he was reluctant even walking back to the room.

I got him in the chair and they hygienist 
got out the gas thingy to put over Hagan's nose.

He started screaming! 
Scared to death of that this would not end well.

Sweet boy is so scared of having another surgery 
that he has lost trust in everyone 
that tries to put anything on his face.

I don't blame him - 
just surprised!

I guess we chose the right word to focus on in 2017
and the is healing!

Hagan did a great job when we promised him that 
we wouldn't use gas! 
He was still and was a champ!!

Trust was built with mom and 
with our dentist and staff! 
Baby steps in rebuilding!

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