Sunday, December 18, 2016

My favorite gift this year

Y'all know that we have had a rough year,
especially trying to help our son Elijah 
with the hurts and pains that he is trying to make sense of...

Last week he came home with a gift.

Though I didn't think much of it - 
because well...
Elijah comes home with papers 
wrapped with paper,
and lots of tape 
every day! 
His "gifts" are usually just paper 
taped in paper.
It's the thought that counts, right?! haha! 

But this gift brought me to tears.

Thursday afternoon I had a phone meeting with a therapist,
discussing Elijah.
While I was on the phone, locked in my closet
(cause it's the only quiet place in our house).

I heard commotion in the other room,
so I had to cut our conversation short...

 After calming Elijah down and working through this episode with him...
he gave me one of his wrapped gifts...

but this one was different - 
it was a cute craft project,
and that sweet face that melts me! 

and this card,
that he actually wrote on...

and the last sentence...

this is what it is all about! 

"Thank you for my home."

Elijah still has issues with self worth.
But he is worthy to be loved,
to have a Christmas tree
to have a home!!! 

My prayer is that more children find their forever families this year
and next Christmas will begin to understand 
that they too are worthy of love,
of God's love,
and are worthy of a 

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