Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Big Announcement!!

October 28, 2016

The day our first born became a husband!

Brady and his finance, Terrinika,
surprised us with news that they were going to get married 
sooner then planned! 

We are very excited to announce the beautiful union of 

Brady Alexander 
Terrinika Michelle

They kinda look a like!

My baby!!! 

Haika and King - aren't they angels!!
Our new grand babies!
(ages 6 and 5)

Our daughter-in-love, Terrinika Michelle 
and her babies!

Off to get married!!

And this is about where I started to cry! 
 FYI - It's really hard to take photos while crying!

I think Terrinika was about to cry too.

Judge Paul Raleeh was amazing! 
He shared with them how marriage is not
about finding the right person 
but being the right person!
Marriage is not taken lightly 
and is work to be done together.

He then prayed over them!

And Brady prayed over their marriage too! 
(I may have gone into the ugly cry at this moment!
Proud momma
and feeling Truly Blessed!)

the ring...

the kiss...

and it's official!! 
Introducing Brady and Terrinika Anderson

and family!!! 

Brady, Terrinika, Hakia and King
We are all excited to be one BIG family!! 

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