Friday, July 15, 2016

Cards are his love language...

My birthday was last week and my hero
was the only kiddo who made me a card! 

In his own quiet way,
no one else even knew.
He had made the card days before,
put it in a special place
until my birthday.
Then he quietly but it in front of me,
and gave me a big ole Hagan type hug!

My sweet boy will make a wonderful hubby one day! 

He has a heart of gold!

and according to his card, 
he gives it to me!! 

Oh Hagan, you have my heart!! 

We got sad news the other day,
but hey, as Hagan says,
"People can send me cards again." 
(and he still has every card from his last surgery.)

While in Colorado a few weeks ago,
I noticed a screw in his back bulging out.


We called the doctor's office as soon as we got home,
got in for x-rays 
and went to talk to the surgeon.

I told Dr. B that I was hoping that he would 
call me, "crazy and overly sensitive" 

but shoot!!! 

Mom was right! 
I hate being right some times!!

Though the surgeon wants to set him up for surgery in the next week,
Hagan begged him to allow him to go to his Little People camp in a few weeks.
So, we will have X-rays again before camp,
Aug 8-12.
If X-rays don't show much change he will be allowed to go.
If it's gotten worse,
and needs emergency surgery -
he won't go to camp! 

Please pray with us that everything will remain stable and that Hagan
will be able to go to camp! 
He has his heart set on it! 

and we'll let y'all know when surgery will be scheduled so you can shower 
him again with cards! 
Thank you so much! 

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