Sunday, July 10, 2016

Longest three weeks of my life!!

The past three weeks have probably been the longest weeks of my life!

Resting on God's promises and clinging to peace that only HE can give! 

HE is in control no matter the outcome! 

Three weeks ago, Jailyn came to me and told me that she has a lump in her groin area.

I kinda took it with a grain of salt, knowing how I define "lump" and wondering what Jailyn defines as a "lump".
After I checked it, yep, it was a lump. (by my definition.)

Because this was the night before we were leaving for Colorado there wasn't anything we could do at the moment!
Our doctor's office was so wonderful that on Friday they got us an appointment scheduled for as soon as we came home.

We went in and started on antibiotics to make sure it wasn't just an infection or some sort.

Two weeks on meds, and no change in the lumps. 

Day by day my heart sunk further and further, 
though I tried not to think about it and rest in my Savior,

 I am human and there are all the thoughts and fears of all of the "What if's"!

We went in for an ultrasound to see what the lumps were...

Thank God, my girl is just lumpy!!

Nothing to be worried about,
but good to know!

So thankful to see peace rush over my girl!  

I pray that I would have praised Jesus whatever the outcome,
 but again - I am human,
so I won't say that! 
I do know that HE holds our future -
no matter what our future holds.

( I love that Jailyn picked out the photos for 
this blog post!) 

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