Thursday, June 23, 2016

Elijah- God went before us

You know when you have an incredible fear 
and completely lack trust in a profession.

Such a fear, that it takes you five years to 
finally take your child to a professional.
Trying everything else because you don't trust!

I have nothing against the profession,
but my fear is finding the one who understands 
kiddos from international abandonment trauma!

Today was our appointment for Elijah at a psychiatrists office.
A psychiatrist, who was the only one in the Dallas area 
who took our insurance 
was taking new patients.
the office is within 5 miles from our house.
(seemed too good to be true!)

We kept the appointment,
and honestly not expecting much...

but, God heard my prayers!
God had set the stage!

Though we were first scheduled to see a different RN,
but God had that changed -
for no real reason shown to any of us...
The nurse that we first saw,
get this...
is an adoptive momma! 

An adoptive momma who "gets" it!!! 
Who understood my boy!!! 

As we talked, finding more and more things we had in common...

I asked her who her social worker is...
and of course,
we have the same incredible social worker!! 
The Nurse agreed, she checks up on us all the time!!! 
She is amazing! 

The Nurse also, went to high school with one of my 
most favorite adoptive mommas!! 

When the doctor came in,
she explained how we connected and he was so excited!
Genuinely excited that we understood each other,
and that he could help.

He changed up some of Elijah's meds that were given 
him from our out patient facility,
and disagreed with some of the diagnosis -
but agreed with us that Elijah's issues are 
majorly from PTSD. 

We go back in 2 weeks to discuss how Elijah is doing 
on the new meds, 
but we are praying that this will help us get further with him,
and help him learn how to cope with his trauma. 

I'm still amazed! 
God is so good! 

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