Thursday, November 12, 2015

She WILL conquer her world!

Since we are an open book to our family and friends,
we want to fill you in with what is going on -
and Laynee has a lot of cheerleaders that helped us find her,
and helped us bring her home! 

Here's the deal...

When we first saw Laynee's file,
we knew that she had Hydrocephalus and a shunt,
there were many comments that brought up more questions -
a few were that she
was three years old and couldn't feed herself,
had incontinence,
neither could she walk unassisted.

We were told that she had braces for her legs,
but also told that they didn't help. 

We found our in December 2014 through a video,
that she was indeed walking!! 
Praise God!! 

So, what caused her delay in walking? 

When we met Laynee,
she walked into the room we waited in with a big smile 
and all the confidence in the world. 

I was ready for the shoe to drop.
"These strangers, why are they in this room,
and why I am at this place?"

This went well, as we gave her gifts and blew bubbles with her -
but when it was time to go back to the hotel,
I got a little nervous as this would probably really scare her.

But, she took Kenzie's hand and walked town the stairs with Kenzie and my help,
and into the car -
where she settled in nicely. 

Many of you may think - "adoption from heaven"!! 
But, I thought, "ohhhh no!!! This is a red flag!"
She had been in a foster home for years,
she is in a strange place,
going away with strangers.
She did not have the photos that we sent her,
or any of the gifts that we had sent -
so did she even know we were coming?
Why isn't she scared?

We really didn't know what to think.
Don't get me wrong, it was nice to not feel 
like we were breaking our child's heart by taking her 
from all she has known - but there is also 
a nervous feeling, 
as we were getting to know her.

Fast forward.
For 3 1/2 months of knowing Laynee - this remains the same.
Laynee will go with whomever is willing to take her.
She will hug anyone who is in her reach,
and smiles at her. 
This is all sweet, but it is hard to teach her who is family and
who is a friend or even stranger.

After many, many doctor appointments - 
we have found out that yes, Laynee does indeed have Hydrocephalus -
and a shunt. 
After speculation, the shunt is indeed working. Yeah!

Unfortunately, because her shunt was put in late -
the hydrocephalus has caused major brain damage.

Along with hydrocephalus, 
she has ACC - 
Absence of the Corpus Callosum. 
(which yes, I had to google too! - But, Kenzie knew what it was!)
The Corpus Callosum is the bridge of nerves that 
connects the right and left hemispheres.
ACC makes is more difficult for her brain to transfer
information from one side of the brain to the other.
This is a major answer to our questions with Laynee. 

There is no surgery that can be done to "fix" this, 
we just need to learn how to help her.

The questions in her file make sense now.
And though, she CAN learn, it just takes her much longer to learn.
As I've shared on my FB page,
some cute videos of her working really hard! 

This week we went to the school playground after hours so that I could see 
what she is doing on the playground.  
She got up on one section to climb on,
that I could tell she had never been on -
but Griggs was doing it and well, 
you can tell from her smile that she really wanted to do this!
 (part of her condition is that she copies people,
not understanding dangers or consequences.)

Laynee came to a hurdle that seemed impossible for her to get around,

but I wouldn't allow her too quit.
she was not happy with me -  
but I knew she could do it!! 
(I know I'm a mean mom!)

After about 15 minutes of trying...

she DID IT!!! 
And look at that smile!! 

Medically speaking we do not know what the future holds for our baby,
but this I know this diagnosis won't hold my baby down!! 

She WILL conquer her world!!! 

I am so proud of our baby girl and the work that she puts in every day 
just to physically and mentally keep up with everyone. 

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Vicki said...

Your family is amazing. May God bless you in every way.
Vicki Line


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