Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Full of emotions...

I can't believe we are in China again! 

The entire day- all 24 hours of it, 
Cause that's how long we traveled,
I was a hot mess! 

Often times super excited
with goofy energy 
and other times, 
brought to my knees in silence 
as I thought about this entire journey. 

I first saw our little girls face 22 months ago! 
But knew that our daughter was stuck in China 
29 months ago.
We just had to find her. 

I saw our sons photo 26 months ago
and knew from the first glance 
that he was my boy!

We have not have the smoothest, 
fastest, easiest adoption process.
Actually, this one has been the hardest
and longest. 

Yesterday when we were finally
on our way to our hotel
And as I smelt the familiar smells
sights and sounds of China, 
I was overcome with emotions. 

I wanted to just jump and dance around 
praising God that we were in Beijing!!!
And even better, 
Bryan and I were here with Kenzie and Conner!!! 
I just couldn't believe that in 
5 short sleeps
we will be holding our newest son and daughter!! 

As we were driving to the hotel
and the family started fading fast with exhaustion from
the long flights. 
I had to pinch myself! 
I had to praise God,
who though Satan has attacked
from day one- 
God will prevail
true love wins!!!

I remembered how Bryan and I told God
To call someone else!!
Our quiver was full!!
Really, there's enough drama and chaos 
in our house!!
Someone else should be blessed with that!! 
Where is this money supposed to come from?
Where is the energy coming from?
Where is the sanity coming from-
be cause we were seriously lacking in all the above!

It's all good and well to say, 
"God will provide!",
but to jump off a cliff and believe that God will
provide a parachute 
Is a whole different story!

Bryan wanted to wait to begin the process
for a few months, 
His company was expecting lay-offs,
so, let's be sure he doesn't get laid off.
God thought otherwise! 
And guess what God did!!
Yep, when we expected lay-offs...
Bryan got a raise!
Not a huge raise but still-
God is providing!
And God was proud of Bryan who was
following God's will, not his own. 

I began my little "stay at home,
keep Jodi busy,
hobby that won't bring in much income,
part time job"
with Plexus Wotldwide. 
Again, our ways are not His ways!
This little nothin' job
Has been the answer we have been looking for!
The gift that God had planned for us to
watch His provisions daily!
Not only did it provide finances for this journey,
But the health that I had been so fed
Up with and literally told God,
"You want us to adopt again-
You have to do something about my health!!"
HE listened and provided!

What a journey this has been!
When we first committed to Laynee. 
We told God, only one more. 
We told God that I would have to travel alone
because we wouldn't have the funds 
to travel with two people. 

But, here I sit in this van
with Bryan, Kenzie and Conner!!!! 
And not only will we be holding Laynee in 5 short days,
but our son, Miles, too!!

God is faithful!!
Sometimes the journey is long!
Sometimes, God wants us to work
and work hard for His provisions!

But, we have to humble ourselves
and allow Him to be in control!
Sometimes, HE has us think outside of the box-
and through that
May HE be glorified!

HE will supply the parachute!!

Today, July 9th in China,
is Kenzie's 19th birthday!!
We will be going to the Forbidem Cty,
The Great Wall
to tour the Hutongs!!
Beware, lots of photos tomorrow!!

Thank y'all so much for your prayers!! 


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are there and safe! Praying for you all!


Sherri said...

Let the journey begin and Happy Birthday Kenzie! Looking forward to following you again....God Bless you all.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Praise God his will to be done! So happy for you!


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