Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dream Car

I can still remember the first time I rode in a 12 passenger van!

It was so cool!!

How much fun could be had 
in a vehicle that big!

I love road trips,
and I love driving!

But how much better with a big ole' van
to hold my big ole' dream family!

Well, after 25 years of marriage,
our dreams have grown together!
(Though I do see why Bryan likes his 2 passenger 
pick up truck! 
It's pretty quiet in there!)

A few weeks before we left for China
Bryan called to check on our "new" van to see when 
it would be delivered! 
We had ordered it months ago!

Needless to say, 
the dealer told him that there had been some mistake 
and the van had never been ordered.

Ummmmmmm -
we kinda need at least 8 buckles for in the back of a vehicle!
Our SUV only had 6!
Ummmmmmm -
what are we going to do?

After 6 other adoptions and 
our recent flooding drama -
we just laughed.
God knows our needs and He knows these kiddos need to be home.
HE's got it covered!
We'll just wait for him to reveal it to us! 

Bryan made some calls to other dealers and found out
that not only one big ole' van was on it's way
to our next of the woods -
but THREE!!!

That's right - we could take our pick!!

See, God is so good!! 
So, this past Saturday,
we picked up our new vehicle!

Technically, it doesn't fit all of our family -
but seeing that Brady and Kenzie are in college and
very rarely ride with us -
we are good. 

The kids love it,
and so do momma and baba!!!
and it's not too hard to drive -
though I am thankful for the handicapped parking! hee!hee!

 for now the kids chose their seats - 
momma will be making assigned seats in a week or so. 
You can barely see my Griggsy and Elijah!
Miles is happy - just giving one of his goofy faces!! 
And entertaining Miss. Lainey!
The big kids are normally buckled! Just stood up for the photo!

Party goers in our van!!! 
Coming home from Kids Praise Camp!! 

And a shout out to the job I have enjoyed for the past 22 months!
Bryan is not stressed about this car payment,
because it is easily paid with my Plexus pay check! 
Cause God is sooooooooo good!!!!  

Our new family motto: 
Have van will travel!!! 
Be warned we may show up when you least expect it!


Jolene said...

What van is that??? We have the Nissan NV and really like it...But the new Ford Transport Passenger is pretty cool, too!

Jodi said...

Jolene - it's a Ford Transit - 12 passenger Love it!!!


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