Friday, July 31, 2015

China re-cap:

Since our house and life was incredibly chaotic 
before leaving for China,
and we had to move all of our furniture and "stuff" from the downstairs to 
upstairs for new floors and painting to happen when we were gone
there were a few things we forgot to bring with us
in order to update our blog.


One very important tool was our cord to 
download photos to the computer.
(Not a happy momma!)

now I get to re-live the trip!!

How cool is that!! 
We use this blog as our little family photo album -
so if it's boring to you -
don't worry, I won't be offended! 

July 7th, we took off for an amazing adventure!

Bryan, Kenzie, Conner and I were blessed
to spend a few days together in touring Beijing.

On our first day we went to the Forbidden City,

ride rickshaw's through the
Hutong Neighborhoods

Our driver was crazy!! 
Playing ding-dong ditch through the Hutongs!! 
and mocking Kenzie and my laughs!! 

and visit with a beautiful homeowner -
3 family generations live in this one home.

and the Olympic Park!

We celebrated Kenzie's 19th birthday,
and my ...
ummmmm -
48th birthday!

Our favorite day was visiting The Great Wall!

 Conner and Bryan's feet were too big for them to 
walk normally down the stairs - 
so they improvised!  haha!!!

Kenzie had a friendly butterfly attach to her!
Seriously, it was difficult to get the butterfly to fly away!

It really is amazing!
and beautiful!

And we got to come down the mountain
on an alpine slide!
That's always fun!

On our drive back to Beijing we
had a little company on the road!

What a surprise!

All in all a great few days in Beijing with Kenzie and Conner!
soon it was to part ways and get our new kiddos!!!
(that post coming soon!! )

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So glad you are posting all these photos! I had wondered what happened. Saying your 48 doesn't make me feel so bad now, because by the time we go over to China to get our newest addition I will be 45. Never thought I would still be bringing children into my home at that age, but God has other plans.


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