Monday, June 29, 2015

Deep hurts

There are times when we think our kiddos are doing well.

Healing is going well,
transition is going well,
life as our crazy, chaotic family 
is going well.  

Until, there is that one trigger 
that just rocks my child's world!!

Donovan is an amazing kiddo!
He has experienced more than I have,
and has seen more than 
I can ever imagine.

But, he holds our family together!

Until, the trigger - getting his blood drawn.

We are doing neurotransmitter testing on him,
our doctor is hoping that it will show his vitamin deficiencies 
that will help with his dyslexia.
(I'm so amazed at how supplements work and feed the brain!!)

Needless to say,
My boy and I were able to get some bonding time together.
Through fear we can hold each other closer -
and prove that we will get through the hurts together.

After the drama,
the sweet nurses let us sit there on the floor for a while,
just holding each other and crying. 
Donovan hasn't let go like this in a long time.
and I needed a good cry too.

Though I hated to see my son so fearful -
I was so thankful to be there for him.

When we were calm and came out of the room, 
the other kiddos were waiting for us -
everyone came to us for a treat from the nurse,
everyone but Jailyn. 

Jailyn was silent.

I went to her and gave her a hug and she melted.
She was terrified for her brother. 

I just love the bond that my family has!
God has built our family in ways I never thought possible!
To God be the glory!

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