Monday, May 4, 2015

Jailyn says, "Never quit!"

Jailyn had her gymnastics State competition 
this saturday,
and though she did really well -

it was more than her medals 
that brought this momma to tears!

Last year's state meet was a rough one!

Jailyn and I were focused on her upcoming 
We were both really nervous and 
sometimes it's just hard to focus on doing any flips!

After Jai's craniofacial and bone graft surgery,
she was out of gymnastics for 3 months.

(Jai's bear, "whitney" in her 2014 state t-shirt)

When she finally got back to the gym,
she was very nervous about hurting her hip
and mouth.

She has spent the year fighting back!

She has had many, many ups and down!!!!

Struggling through the long work out hours,
when she just wanted to stay home and play
with her friends.

She absolutely loves this sport,
but the emotional ride can be a rough one on a 9 year old!

But she never gave up!!

She saw friends achieve their goals 
and be successful,
she was always happy for them but often struggled 
through the tears, asking me 
if the sacrifice will be worth it?
I tried to tell her that "what if?"
What it she quit now,
just when all of her work was about to pay off.
Of course she had to make that decision.

After meeting with her coach, 
she decided that she would commit to another year!
And work her hardest to succeed at the State meet!

But that darn beam,
was her nemesis!!!  
Falling at least once at each meet 
(which she hadn't done in seasons before). 

And that she did!!! 
All of her events were the strongest she has ever done!

Bars 8.90 - 6th place!!!

Beam 9.225 - 2nd place!
Her nemesis!!!!

2nd place, y'all!!!!

Floor 9.075 - 6th place!!! 

Vault 9.275 - 8th place!!!

When I had realized that she had made the podium for
every event -
I thought maybe she will get something for

And she did!!!
She got 3rd Place!!!

This girl was ecstatic!!!
And her momma was in tears!!!

Jailyn has taught me so much since the first day I held her
in Nanjing China!
But today, she reminded me
to never give up!
Never quit!!

God has given us all such amazing talents and gifts,
sometimes we have to dig deep
to get through the bumps in the road -
but when we stay focused
we will succeed!!

To God be the glory!!
We are so thankful to HIM for bringing
our little champion home to us!

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