Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

After snow/ice days weeks before -
I, personally, wasn't ready for Spring Break...
but the kids were!!

We had a nice time at home just hanging out and 
doing a few things around town!

Here's just a snippet of what we were able to do!

Jailyn attended the local SPCA camp!
(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

She loved every minute of it!!

And we were strong - and don't have a new puppy!

Though it is hard to say "no"!
Jailyn wants to be a foster momma - 
maybe one day,
but right now, I'm not ready for that,
but I love her heart!!

We went to see Paddington with our friends Jackie and Joshua.

and lunch too!

What a great movie!!
Jailyn was at her camp,
and disappointed that she missed the movie - 
but reassured when I told her that we would 
by it when it comes out in DVD!

Even Conner had noting but good things to say about the movie,
and he is our movie critic!

Elijah was doing so well that he was rewarded with his own 
play date with his buddy Joshua!

I love these two!!!

Donovan and Jorja love art!
We were able to get them into an art class!

They sure loved it and are very proud of their work!

Great job Donovan and Jorja!!!

Between rain days, we were able 
to get in a park day with friends!

We love our park days!!!

Jailyn has been wanting to go ice skating -
and was able to go with some gym friends!

Happy Birthday to our friend J!

one of the best things about our gymnastics team -
is the sweet friendships they have all made!
S was a good skater and helped Jailyn!
It was so sweet to see these two sweet girls!

Along with making many, many creatures and projects 
from old boxes and construction paper -
Hagan and Elijah's favorite thing to do 
we all had a great 
 Spring Break!

We are incredibly blessed
and thankful to all of my Plexus business,
without Plexus we would have been stuck at home -
not being able to afford any of these fun things!
Incredibly grateful that Plexus supplements
make me healthy -
but the business opportunity allows me to afford to 
to give my kiddos things that I couldn't otherwise!!

Incredibly blessed! 

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