Monday, March 9, 2015

E is excited for school!

This boy!

This boy!!

Did I tell you...
this boy!!!

I can't believe how much he is enjoying school!

He is finally feeling safe.

And respected.

He loves his special ed teacher,
and trusts that when he leaves her classroom to 
go to general ed classrooms
he knows that she will still be there for him
when he returns.

Elijah was so excited for Open House that his teacher 
did have a hard time getting him on the bus 
to come home that day.

He didn't understand that he had to come home 
and then mom would bring him back.

And really, I wasn't going to bring him -
you know the stress of crowds and the unknown
at the end of the day usually sets him off.

But, he was so excited that I couldn't say no.

So, off we went!

And he was so proud to show his classrooms 
to momma and siblings!!!

He is doing great!
He is up to spending 3 hours a day in general ed. 
(this is huge as a year ago he couldn't do 20 minutes a day!).

And taking pride in doing his work!!!! 

I am so proud of how hard my boy works every single day!!
Every minute he struggles to deal with the trauma that he had to endure. 

God is so good and HE loves my boy!!!

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