Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving pics!

I'm a little slow,
but I promised Mimi and Uncle JB some photos
from Thanksgiving,
and I want need to keep them organized!

Brady was home for a few hours before working Black Friday on Thursday -
don't get me started!

Kenzie brought her friend, Felicia, home from college!
Felicia is from Sweden.
Hopefully, she enjoyed her first American Thanksgiving.

This is the first time we had a kid table!
They loved it!!

Mimi and Uncle JB made it to town
and we were able to get out to our favorite park!

goofy boys!

adorable girls!

super hero!

side kick!
(daddy has to try it no handed - ehem - didn't make it too far!)


Happy Elijah!!!

Snuggle time!


Mimi and Griggs have a special bond!

and Griggs will lead Mimi where ever he wants to go!

and Mimi follows!

Griggs is so shy!! 

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