Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Praise God they are sick!

Back to our training from Dr. Purvis...
at one point of the last day Dr. Purvis said,
"Does anyone have a child with a super-sonic immune system?"

I raised my hand with 2 fingers raised!
I have 2 kids who seem to not ever even get a runny nose,
and these two happen to be my two who 
have the hardest time with trust,
and who live in a constant state of stress.
They have horrible,
horrible histories..

Dr. Purvis said,
"Be ready - with this training -
they are going to get sick!" 

Well, guess what!!!

One of them,
this precious kiddo of mine!!!

Has been a little out of sorts,
and yesterday,
when he thought he was in trouble 
(but really I just wanted to divert him from getting into trouble),
ran to his bed (per usual),
covered himself with his quilt and hid (per usual),
and feel asleep!!

He took a 2 hour nap! 
This boy n.e.v.e.r. naps!!! 
He barely sleeps e.v.e.r.!!!!

And when he woke up,
I asked him if he was okay 
and he told me that his throat hurt!

Praise God! 
Of course, I don't want him sick - 
but his guard is being lifted,
and his body is responding appropriately -
and for that I am completely thankful!!!!

The other 4 have runny noses,
even Kenzie and Conner have runny noses!
There is still one,
who we are mindfully working with and praying 
that their guard is lifted! 

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