Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pirates from the I DON"T Care-ibbean!!

We just love to participate in this summer music program
at a near by church! 
Jorja and Jaiilyn did it last year -
and this year, 
to our surprise...
Donovan decided he would go too -
and if Donovan goes then Elijah will go.

And well, 
Hagan loves to sing - 
so we signed him up too!

They all had so much fun! 
And loved learning the songs,
we have our own little musical group!

Last night was the performance...

I must admit,
I was surprised that Elijah got up there!
Last time he was asked to do something on stage -
he was terrified and wouldn't have anything to do with it.

I'm so proud of my boy!!

Jorja, Donovan and Jailyn acted like pro's!

(Let's just say,
Jailyn needs to take voice and acting lessons!)

And Hagan,
though he had many emotions during the week -
came out of his shell...
and rocked it out on stage!!!

After the program,
Donovan and Jailyn asked if they could audition next year for larger parts,
Elijah cried that it was over,
and Hagan said,
"That was work!
Hard work!
I did goooooood!"
You sure did buddy!!!

And the biggest part is that they proved to themselves that they could do it!
Donovan even, with a good attitude, 
missed a soccer game for the performance.
Sometimes doing things outside of our comfort zone 
is more fun then things inside our comfort zone!

And Griggs and momma got to hang out just the two of us 
each morning running errands,
meeting with other friends for play dates,
and just hanging out!! 
A great week for all!!

Thank you Amy for all you do to make this program happen every year!!

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