Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A bib? Really?

This week has been amazing at TBRI Training,
(Trust Based Relational Intervention).
This training is essential for anyone who parents,
or works with children from hard places!!

What is "a child from hard places"?
Any child who has experienced early risk factors...
- Difficult pregnancy
- Difficult birth
- Early hospitalization
- Abuse
- Neglect
- Trauma
(most of my younger kids have experienced at least 4 of these if not all of them).

Our kiddos have not had the needed nurturing 
that average middle class American infants/toddlers have experienced
and thrive from.
their brain development is completely different and needs to 
be nurtured where they are,
not where society says they should be...

when my sweet boy wants to have a bib on at every meal...

you betcha'!!!! 
He can have a bib!!!

Giving him the baby stage that he missed out on 
and so richly deserves!!!

I just love this kiddo!!! 

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