Thursday, May 22, 2014

Join HIM

For those of you who aren't on Facebook,
and didn't see my post last night...

"Tyler" has a family!!!

We are so excited!!! 

And no,
we are not his family.

Come on y'all,
do you really think we could bring home another little guy?


so, I'll admit it - 
we asked. 
We asked the agency who had "Tyler's" file,
and we asked our China adoption agency,
and most importantly prayed and asked God.

And sometimes there is a sigh of relief when God answers 
But, we need to ask. 

I know that many of you asked if this is your child.
You asked, what could you do for "Tyler".
You read his story and ached with us for this little guy.

If this little guys story touched you,
I challenge you to ask again,
"Why was I so touched by him?"

"Is God calling me to care for the orphan?" 

Don't let this calling go away!! 
Think about it, 
talk about,
pray about it.

This is from the book I am reading by Joanna Weaver,
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World,
Instead of expecting God to acquiesce to our plans, 
dreams, and schemes -
or frantically trying to impress him with our efforts on his behalf -
we simply need to 
"watch to see where God is working and join him!"

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