Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alveolar Bone Graft surgery - Part I

Because we have so many cleft lip and cleft palate friends 
who will be having this procedure in the near future,
and we were unable to find much information from 
other families - 
with Jailyn's permission,
we thought we would post about her experience or 
surgery and recovery. 
"If it helps someone else not be afraid,
then let's share." 
I love my girls heart!

Jailyn's doctor preformed a bone graft from her right hip,
to rebuild her upper gum,
that was in three sections due to her bilateral cleft.
He also added fat, from her tummy, 
to build up her lip. 
(not sure how he found any fat on her! haha!! 
I would have gladly had been her donor!!! :) 

A month ago, to prepare for Jailyn's mouth,
she received an expander.
Two months ago she had had three teeth extracted to 
make room for her surgeon to add the bone. 

Beginning with the expander,
she was on a "soft foods" diet. 
We took this very seriously - preparing her for surgery. 

She was in surgery for 4 hours.
Our surgeon came to get me when Jailyn was taken to recovery.
He said everything went well,
though he has his fingers crossed that Jailyn doesn't have to 
go through this again. 
He had told me the day before that this surgery has 
90% success rate - 
He said that her cleft was larger than he expected,
so he is hoping and praying that this surgery will be all she needs. 

After surgery, Jailyn came out of the anesthesia well. 
No sickness from the anesthesia, thankfully!
Our anesthesiologist gave her 2 different types of anti-nausea medications. 
This worked well. 
Thank your Jesus!! 

When we got to our room they wanted to get her drinking apple juice
 and eating ice cream. 
She was excited about the thought of ice cream!
But it was hard for her to eat anything. 
She had a few spoonfuls but that was all she could do.

That morning Jailyn has asked to bring her water bottle.
Trying to keep her calm and give her whatever she wanted,
I agreed - though I didn't think we needed it. 
Boy was I wrong!! 

We were very thankful for this water bottle as it was the only 
way for her to drink.
She could not use a straw, or drink from a cup -
the swelling was too much. 

Throughout our time at the hospital,
even after we had packed and ready to go -
Jailyn asked the nurses to suction blood out of her mouth.
The bleeding wasn't too bad and didn't upset her stomach,
but there was enough to bother her. 
We laughed at how Dad, Brady, Conner, Donovan and Jorja 
would have freaked about all that Jailyn had been through. 
She is one tough chicka'!!!!
(we shared this with the family and they all agreed that
they would have freaked out! It's good that we all know our weaknesses! :) 

Bone graft -
the incision looks like this! 

Much larger than I was ready for. 
Jailyn had an On Q  medical pump tube -
that continuously fed pain meds to her hip for 5 days.

When the pump was ready to come out -
we were able to take it out by ourselves. 
Thankfully big sister, Kenzie, is planning on going into medicine,
and loves this stuff!  or I would have 
been calling on one of my nurse friends!

The first few days the major pain was in her hip. 
She was very nervous about the tube feeding the pain meds. 
Sitting up and walking around scared her, 
so we took it at her pace.
Healing emotionally will help heal physically,
so we focused on the emotional side. 

Even though the hospital nurses had their check list of 
things Jailyn needed to do before we would be released from the hospital -
you know, drink more liquids, eat a few cups of ice cream...
Our surgeon totally understand kids,
especially adopted kiddos,
and knows that recovery at home is most important.
He came to see us the morning after surgery and asked Jailyn,
"Jailyn, you ready to go home?"
Jailyn answered, "Yes, sir!"
and he went to sign her papers and send us home! 

Liquid and major soft diet for 6 weeks before our post-op check up.
We'll see how creative we can be with calories and protein 
for our brave little girl!! 


Kris Geesey said...

So Glad that your surgeon did a pain pump! So many don't and it's ridiculous to put anyone through pain that serves no purpose! Sounds like he is awesome!

Teresa said...

My sister and my mom both have a bilateral cleft lip and palate as well. When my sister (poor thing had to have it twice) had the surgery the biggest thing I remember is she had a lot of soup and it was her hip that was the hardest to recover from.
I hope that Jailyn starts to feel better soon.

Jolene said...

I've had two bone grafts using bovine bone and just recently had a third. The type that J. just had done is way more painful, of course, but either way, its very painful. Its always nice to just be done and healed up! Praying for her quick recovery!

Emily Merrell said...

I have a few friend's who have had bone grafting done on their palate. It's amazing what kind of surgery we can do now. You can hardly even tell that they had the surgery done now.
Emily Merrell |

Olivia's Mom said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I have been trying to find any information I can to help my son with his upcoming ABG surgery next week. You may not get this message since it has been 2 years but thank you.

Olivia's Mom said...

I don't know if you will get this message since it has been over 2 years since you posted but I wanted to say thank you for doing this. My son is going in for his ABG surgery next week at Duke University Hospital and I have tried to research from a parents perspective what to expect. Thank you!


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