Wednesday, April 30, 2014

sophisticated... or not!

We were invited to attend a beautiful wedding a few weeks ago,
and though everyone was invited,
I thought that my dear friend, Beverly, 
the mother of the bride had lost her mind! 
You know all the wedding plans and all -
she mistakenly said that she wanted all of the kids there. 

My plan was to take Kenzie, Jorja and Jailyn.
A fun girls day! 

But, Kenzie ended up having a college entrance exam that morning,
so I thought -
okay, just Jorja and Jailyn would go with me -

that'd be fun!

Ohhh but silly me!! 

Donovan heard about the wedding,
and came down stairs with a suit jacket that 
had been given us from some friends,
that I thought would never be worn. 

"could I wear this to the wedding?
and could you get me a tie?"

Well, who can resist that request!!

okay, Jorja, Jailyn, Donovan and I! 
This will be great! 

As we were getting ready...

Hagan's eye's weld up with tears. 
(this boy breaks my heart like non-other!)

I grabbed an outfit from my closet that was Brady's 
soooo many years ago - 
it fits! 
Jorja, Jailyn, Donovan and Hagan...
that is it!!! 

and we had fun chatting with old friends
and meeting new ones!

Though we really need to work on our sophistication...
thank goodness we sat at a back table near the restrooms -
someone was a little ADHD and volunteered to 
take others to the restroom. 

Wine glasses are just too fun not to play with,
and dessert forks and spoons placed at the top of the place setting,
facing opposite directions is just too much for my OCD child! haha!
Not to mention the fun one can have making a sandwich!

They were so excited to chat with the bride and groom!
Asking them how old they were and how they met! 
Too funny! 

Thank you Beverly for inviting us! 
and just so y'all know -
Beverly and I met while they were waiting for their daughter, Delaney,
from China and we were beginning our first adoption.
They introduced us to our "now" agency and their waiting child list -
where we found Jailyn! 
To say that Beverly and David (her hubby) hold a dear place in 
our hearts would be an understatement!! 

Love y'all! 
and Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day that turned out to be! I noticed the tie & jacket didn't last long - ha ha ha! Good experience for them! ~Faith

Judy Deaton said...

They are all just darling! The last picture of Hagan proudly carrying his plate through what looks like a sea of giants, cracks me up :)


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