Monday, April 28, 2014

3 years ago!!!

Three years ago I wrote this blog!

Who are these boys?

Such babes!!

I just get the chills when I think of the first days 
that we spent with them in Ethiopia!

Finally Blogspot shows up in Ethiopia!

We have tried and tried and tried all week to blog -
and now finally we are here!

Sooo, we thought we would begin our re-cap of the week!
has is only been a week?

We arrived in Addis Ababa on Sunday morning at 8am,
met us with travel mates, Mike and Heather,
and arrived at our guest house to see more travel mates,
Todd and Michelle in the parking lot.

Though we had been told that we will not be going to see the boys on Easter,
Todd and Michelle were on their way to the Care Center,
and said, "Hop in!"  
So we dropped of our luggage and went immediately to our boys!

They were dressed in their traditional Ethiopian clothing enjoying 
their Easter dinner of lamb.

We spent the afternoon playing with them and their amazing friends.
Each child is absolutely beautiful!
With an amazing personality to match!

As you know we were concerned that Donovan would be quiet and shy with us-

nothing a ton of prayers and a little soccer can't cure!

He was so excited to play soccer and beach ball with Daddy!

And Elijah ran around with his friends playing with us a little at a time.

All the kids were welcomed us into their home and hearts.
They love getting their photos taken and have the biggest hearts EVER!!!

It was an amazing, emotional day!!!
Soooo glad to finally meet and hold our boys!!!

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Sherri said...

Can't believe I have been reading your blog that long :-) Congrats!


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