Monday, April 21, 2014

Eggs and more eggs!!

We usually get our egg coloring done on Saturday 
before Easter,
but this year we've decided to change up some 
and I must say,
I like the new!!

Sunday was a beautiful day after church and lunch -
we came home and played,
and mom cleaned -
but that's okay 'cause it was things I've been 
wanting to get done -
it feels good to have them done!! 

Later in the afternoon, 
Kenzie's boyfriend, "Chapa" came over 
and we all decorated our eggs!!

Can't believe I didn't get a cute photo of them -
but there will be a lot next weekend - PROM!!

It was not so much about coloring eggs 
and having the Easter bunny hide them in the morning - 
but just being creative with the family!

It's fun to see everyone's creativity!


Elijah is very fast with his decorating - 
so he was able to dip his eggs numerous times!
Ohhh and Dad bought glitter! 
By the end of our decorating - Elijah had glitter all over himself!

ohhhh brothers!!!

very serious boy!!

 very patient!

Jailyn decided to draw a portrait of Kenzie and Chapa!

not bad!

Hope y'all had a great day celebrating our risen Savior!!

1 comment:

Georgia said...

I know that must be good for Chapa to be around Kenzie. She is such a godly young lady and I know she is a bright light to him. She is the kind of girl I would love my now pre-school aged sons to find someday. <3


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