Sunday, April 20, 2014

15 years ago...

15 years ago I sat in fear,
as my niece was in danger at Columbine High School.

Being 900 miles a way,
there was nothing I could do but watch the news reports and look
for my Julie to come out of those school doors.

I can't tell you the relief when I heard that she was safe.
Yet, the immense sadness for those families who lost their children,
and for the entire community who would suffer from this day
for the rest of their earthy lives.

Today is a beautiful Easter day,
as we celebrate our Lord and Savior having risen from the dead. 
He died for my sins,
for our sins 
and conquered death -
so that we too may have new life in HIM.

I think of these kids who lost their lives 15 years ago.
For the kids who were singled out because of their faith in God. 
But today,
are celebrating with HIM. 
I think of the attackers -
how they hurt,
how they ached to know that someone loved them 
for who they were.

I pray today that we don't get wrapped up in our spring outfits 
and the decorated Easter eggs -
but we reach out to someone who is hurting 
and truly share the love of Christ with them. 

Today, I would love to be in Colorado with my niece 
as she was asked to sing at her church.
Thank you Julie for saying yes to sing God's praises
even with these horrific memories. 
I love you girl and am thankful that God 
has given you this beautiful talent of voice. 
Sing for Nichole,
sing for Jesus!! 

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