Friday, March 21, 2014

Why are you doing this?

Since we love y'all and 
are totally open with y'all about our family
 I thought I would share with y'all
why we decided to start a new adventure
 like Plexus… 
I knew you were wondering! 

A few months after Hagan and Griggs came home,
I began praying for some type of a part time job.
(you know, a part time job either from home - 
or on my "off" hours - between midnight and 4am!)
I was feeling guilty that we had so many kiddo's
and were financially tight in so many areas -
and I couldn't give my kids even simple luxuries…
like going out to eat once in a while,
or taking them to see the newest movie in the theaters. 
The kids have always been so good about 
wanting to sacrifice so that we can have a big family - 
but you know, I still felt guilty. 
Like any other mom - 
I want to spoil my kids 
at least once in a while. 

When I first tried Plexus I was so impressed with the natural product,
I just had to share it with others. 
And I asked God if this was the part-time job that I had asked for.
I really had no idea about how the whole business worked.

I soon learned and have been completely impressed even more 
with this company. 
It is the REAL deal! 

God has blessed this part time job more than we ever thought possible! 

We are incredibly excited to see that God is using this part time business
to bring home our sweet Maklayne!! 
When we committed to the adoption of Maklayne,
we had no idea how God was going to bring her home,
but we knew that HE would.

And HE is.

We share this information because we want y'all to know 
how God can use our simple prayers for a 4 hour a day job,
 to allow us the financial resources to actually do sooo much more than 
we ever expected! 

We are incredibly thankful for this amazing opportunity to not only share
with y'all about Plexus, our amazing health supplements 
and the difference they have made in our health,
but also stand in awe as HE builds our team and provides for 
so much more than we ever dreamed.

We have two team members who are in China right now,
preparing to meet their newest children,
and numerous others in the process of adoption.
We have many who are planning mission trips that they
have always wanted to go on,
and many giving to their community that they only dreamed of before.
Beyond paying their car payments, and mortgages…
God is blessing them and they are using these
additional finances for HIS glory!

and we praise HIM for this!! 

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