Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throw back Thursday - Jailyn

This was my blog post on March 14, 2007 
Jailyn had only been home for one month.
Wow!!! Has time flown by!!! 

What an incredible month this has been! Jailyn has changed all of our lives in an incredible way! She is such a sweetie! She loves her big brothers and sister. If she wasn't treated like a princess before she sure is now! She has everyone wrapped around her little finger!

When we were united with Jailyn she was very curious about every thing around her. She is still very curious but is now on the go, crawling around exploring things, including the dogs food/water bowls. She loves learning new things! She has learned 8 sign language signs. This helps a lot in communicating with her. 

A month ago Jailyn was only drinking formula and eating rice cereal. Now she is eating everything we put in front of her! She loves jar baby food, and gerber graduate finger foods. She can't get enough ice cream - even though she makes a funny face with every bite! She eats slices of turkey, ham and cheese. We still can't get her to drink juice or luke warm formula (needs to be very hot!) but we will get there!

Brady has taught her to say "uh-oh" when something falls. She is enjoying this game! 
Kenzie and Conner have taught her to say "aye-ya" when she shows us her karate kicks and punches!
 She has the karate instructors laughing! 
And of course Daddy is teaching her the fundamentals of soccer.
Oh, did I tell you that she is still not walking. :) 
Jailyn loves cruising around the furniture and getting around in the walker - 
wont be long and she will be running around the house!

We have scheduled her palate surgery for April 30th. 
She has an appointment the week with the ENT to confirm if she needs tubes in her ears or not. 
If so, they will do that surgery along with her palate.

Sorry I haven't updated the picture... enjoy these new ones! I can't believe how much older she looks already!

Thanks again for all of your prayers!
We are still bonding and things are going well with that - Jailyn hates to go down to bed at night - which breaks my heart -I hate to hear her cry!

Talk to y'all soon!
Jodi Sue :)

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