Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Address...

I know y'all think I'm this already -
well, at least if you are a friend of mine on fb - 
you know,
always sharing about my Plexus journey…

but ya know when you find a good thing - 
that has changed your life,
well, ya' just have to share…

Gettin' healthy from the inside out,
and losing 23 lbs with 
no "dieting",
or meal replacements,
or counting calories…
I'd say that's a good thing to share! 

so my new web address for Plexus is 

Check it out! 

You won't regret it!! 

You might think I'm crazy - 
I bet you will be thinking of me and Plexus come January 
when you think about your New Year's Resolutions!
and your ready to be healthier and thinner!! 

1 comment:

likeschocolate said...

Great job! You look fantastis!


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