Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas program

Today was a  beautiful day
as we watched our babies join their Sunday School friends
in sharing the gospel of the birth of Christ.

They all did an incredible job! 

And of course Momma was in tears! 
(that's why some of the photos are blurry!)

Jailyn was a narrator.

Jorja was Mary.

Donovan was a shepherd,

Hagan was a wise man,

Griggs was a dove... "Coo! Coo!"  

Elijah had stage freight - 
but decided at the last minute to join in on the fun 
for the last few songs. 

Merry Christmas!


Sherri said...


itrustobey said...

your kids must keep you going... thank you for sharing them with us! Could I use your little wise man's pic in a note? Sharon Manning


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