Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas morning

Because this is my blog...
and I use it as my scrap book,
and Mimi is dying to see photos - 
here is a glimpse into our 
Christmas morning! 

Elijah was up first, 
he  patiently, quietly,  waited for everyone else to wake up. 
Finally at 8:30am the crew came racing down the stairs!!

Stockings were passed out as the big kids settled in their places! 

Presents were passed out to everyone.
Hagan has had the longest week of his life...
putting presents under the tree and not being able to open them!

Donovan had the tallest pile!! 
Big boy toys are cool!!! 

Griggsy was sooo happy to have his own bike! 

Hagan was very happy with his first Christmas present ever!!

Everyone was very happy with their gifts,
and helped each other... 
I think this was one of our least chaotic Christmas mornings ever! 

 and Happy, happy birthday to our Christmas baby!!
Can't believe my baby is 20 years old!! 

 Merry Christmas to y'all!!! 

We thank God for his precious gift of HIS only son 
who brings us hope, joy and life! 

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