Monday, November 4, 2013

The day after...

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday,
 a day set aside by thousands of churches to bring awareness to the worldwide 
orphan crisis.

I was honored to sit on a panel with an amazing foster family,
and a wonderful adoption organization in our area.
We all were able to share bits of God's story in our lives!  
And of course, I cried. 
 Grrr - will I ever be able to tell our family story and not have amy mascara run?  

After service, I went to pick up the kiddos from Sunday School. 
Unfortunately, one of our kiddos had a hard time in class.  
I'm not talking crying because we weren't with them... 
a much, much more difficult situation.  

I hope people understand that adoption is 
not just adding a child to your family 
and all will be smooth sailing
 because you give them love... 
Sometimes, kids, people of all ages,
 have a hard time accepting love and
 believing that someone can and will love them forever. 

That doesn't mean adoption in not a good thing. 
 What I'm trying to say is that adoption can be hard.
  It can be filled with heart-wrenching pain. 
 It can be frustrating, 
it is hard work!

But ohhhhh when you get those hugs, 
or you get that conversation with your child 
where they are willing to share their pain, their doubts, and their fears....
It is soooo worth any frustration!

I continually see my children's pain and wish I could undo it -
but I know that only my God can heal them.

As their momma,
I will do my best to stay centered in Christ 
and love with an unconditional love 
and prayerfully one day 
my child will accept that love. 

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Anonymous said...

L'Oreal makes a great waterproof mascara! And just hang in there - they will come around one day & it will be worth it all. God knows & He will help you deal with the valleys.


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