Friday, November 1, 2013


I promised Mimi that I would post photos 
from last night! 

Sooo here we go!! 

Griggs and Hagan LOVED their first Halloween!! 
Griggsy wore Brady's first halloween costume -
Hagan wore Conner's third halloween costume!

Jailyn was a little dalmation! 

Donovan loved wearing one of Conner's more recent costumes!

Jorja was able to wear one of Kenzie's costumes! 

And Conner...
he stood here most of the night! 
People didn't know if he was real or not! 
It was hilarious! 
He loved scaring the parents and teens!!

Then he got a little tired and decided to help 
hand out candy!

Conner and Dad did a great job with the decorations again this year! 

Fun times!!

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