Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Since it is is National Adoption month 
I have been doing a little blogging to
help encourage y'all to help the 

There are so many ways!!! 
These are the first four blog posts -

And today we are on #5! 

Protect them!

Be a foster parent,
be a mentor in your local school,
give to a foundation that works with 
Children living on the streets.
Be a CASA volunteer!!

A foster parent!!!
This is something that I have always wanted to do,
but God has not yet opened this door. 

But, I'm still praying! 
(and they are really flexible on the age limit
of the parents - so no excuses!!! 
I'm still hoping to be a foster grandma!)

Can I tell y'all a cool story...
a new friend, at our new church came to me on Sunday -
super excited! 
She told me that since Orphan Sunday -
she has stepped up to be a CASA volunteer!

I am sooo excited for her and for the children that 
she will be working with.
This is a hard position,
but ohhh so important!!!  

and another couple at church,
whom we shared with on Orphan Sunday 
are preparing their foster son to return home -
keeping this child safe while 
his parents worked through their own suffering
is an amazing gift that this special family 
has given this boy and his family!

have you ever heard of 

I am just learning about it but am so excited about this ministry.
Children can go to a Safe Family,
while their parents work through 
their personal issues. 
It is a short term commitment -
but can change the lives of the entire family!!!
As I learn more - 
I'd be glad to pass information on to y'all!

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