Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Help those who support the orphan!

Reach out to the families around you who are 
called to care for the orphan in their own home.

When they are going through training -
if they have other kiddos at home -
offer to babysit! 
Satan uses any excuse to slow down the 
adoption/foster process!

Encourage the family.
Listen to their hopes and fears.
Pray for them,
pray with them.

When their child comes home…

the first part of adoption and fostering is to get the bonding
and attachment started.
This is hard for people who have never experienced this to understand,
and will have to be another  blog post,
but ask the family what they need. 

I remember one of the best evenings I had after Hagan and Griggs first came home -
was when a friend of mine,
a state away set up a time to call me -
she called after I had gotten everyone to bed,
and I had a glass of wine, 
sitting in my garage,
chatting with her on the phone for hours! 
Soooo therapeutic.

Help babysit the other kids while 
mom and dad are bonding with the new kids,
or taking them to doctor appointments. 

Be there as their friend,
Adoption may not be something you are called to do -
but be their friend,
sometimes just getting out for a few hours can do wonders 
for a mom or dad! 

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