Saturday, October 12, 2013

"they called me..."

Sometimes Hagan, Griggs and I are able to 
just drop the other kids off at school in the carpool lane,
and other times we have to go inside with them.

Recently Hagan has been really sad when we have to 
get out of the car and go into the school. 

One day he even had tears in his eyes. 

I was worried,  Hagan is pretty quiet about his needs,
so, when he gets emotional I get concerned.

He finally began talking,
"they called me...


Ohhh buddy!!! 
Now, that's just something your going to have to get used too!
Bless his heart! 

After our morning errands Hagan opened up again - 

"I no cute,
I a boy!"

This is where language and cultural differences come in.
Jorja also, would get upset if we called her any nickname - 
cutie, sweetie, honey... 
she only wanted to be called "Jorja"!

I think we got it through to him today that it is 
 nice to be called "cute"! 

I mean really, Hagan, you are adorable! 


Anonymous said...

We are still laughing - read this to my Mom this AM & we both said "That's so CUTE"....then we started laughing because of what we both thought! You really don't realize the cultural differences until something like that happens....we all will have to be more careful with our comments. But he IS adorable!!!!! AND cute!!

Liz Freeby said...

ha! he is beyond cute and will indeed need to get used to it!!!

Kathy said...

Awww.... but he is such a cute boy!
Chloe is the same way. If you call her
honey, sweetie, cutie..... she gets upset
and says, "I'm Chloe!"


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