Friday, October 11, 2013

Daily Grind

It is soooo easy to get caught up in the daily grind!

up at 5am - get myself ready for the day

kids start showing their faces at the breakfast table at 6:15

sending kiddos off to school by 7.

Dropping the middle kids off at school by 7:30.

And usually there is at least one kiddo -
who is not very excited about going to school -
gotta work through that -
that can take 5 minutes or 2 hours depending 
on the situation. 

Home to school Hagan and get things done around the house.

And if I'm lucky Brady is home -
get to spend time with him -
cause we don't see him around here much. 

The day speeds by -
and it's time to start picking kids up from school,
some days is a 2 hour process to get everyone home.

Homework, projects, early dinner and we 
are off to sports practices.

And finally home for evening snack,
shower, bedtime story and finally heads on their pillows!

And then the big kids come home with Dad from their practices.

But, guess what?

Friday is one beautiful day!!!!

Our calendar is blank!!!! 

We can do whatever we want!!! 

And today -
we plan to clean out toys from the garage -
playing with every single toy, I'm sure!!! 
And making a list of toys for Daddy to fix!

But, ohhhhh I can't wait til after school!!!

No stress Friday!

I am ready for ya'!  

Y'all have a great Friday!

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