Sunday, September 22, 2013

Passed with flying colors!

Hagan had his check-up from his surgery last week,
and he passed with flying colors!

When we left the hospital 3 weeks ago,
the docs were sure  Hagan would need OT and PT -
we had our evaluations and...
he sailed through
and didn't come close to qualifying for services!

At our check-up with our surgeon,
he just watched Hagan climb up on the couch
and walk around playing with the toys in his office...
in absolute awe of our boy!
Knowing that this surgery saved his life!

And we sit in awe of our Heavenly Father who
brought our son home,
and has amazing plans for Hagan!

Hagan still needs oxygen at night,
but his stats are staying in a good range with the oxygen.
He will be having another sleep study in a few months
and another MRI in December to see how everything looks.
Next month he will be having x-rays on his spine and legs again,
as we know he will need surgery on his legs,
sooner then later, for straightening.

This week he had his first ear infection, with us.
He was scared when I told him that we had to go to the doctor,
but he did great when I promised him that there would be
no "owies".
Poor kiddo - really doesn't like the needles at the hospital!
But, through this doctor appointment with no "owies"
the trust between son and momma builds,
and for that we are thankful!

We have had a glitch in our plans to get him and Griggs to
the specialist in Wisconsin...
we are appealing their decision and hoping that we
can still keep our appointment for November,
but may have to switch things up and get them in
at the beginning of next year.
We are disappointed in this news -
but we know God has a plan,
and we will wait on HIS timing.
(Dee, I will confirm with you soon -
waiting to hear about our appeal. Thanks so much!)

Thank y'all for your continued prayers for our sweet, sweet boy!

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