Monday, September 23, 2013

Jorja is in 3rd grade...


It can't be true!

Jorja is growing up right before our eyes!

Our once scared little girl,

a little girl who had been told that her momma was never coming to get her,

a little girl who found it sooo hard to let us in,

is now a strong, loving, gentle,
9 year old! 


This summer we had a first with Jorja,
a first that brought me to my knees
to thank God!

Jorja and Jailyn participated in a week long praise camp,
(just mornings at a local church.)

Jorja walked into the group and never looked back!
She didn't look over her shoulder to see if I was still there,
she didn't worry if I was coming back for her or not.

She was secure in knowing momma will be back,
momma does love her!
4 1/2 years as our daughter and she is learning
not only in her head -
but in her heart,
that we are her forever family.

Ohhh, how I love my little girl! 
and so thankful that God is healing her wounded heart.

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