Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hagan's home!!

And Hagan couldn't be happier!

Infact, all of the kids are happy to have him home!

Friday evening he had a smile ear to ear! 
and ran around the house 
hugging everyone in sight! 

he was moving a bit slower.

A bit sore from his excitement Friday.
Jailyn has taken the role of his 
personal nurse ver seriously.
Which Hagan is enjoying very much!

Saturday evening he scared me a bit
as he began having some symptoms again...

He slept well! 
Great oxygen stats again!

And  guess what...
 my little man may be a morning person after all! 

Today, Sunday, he enjoyed getting back to his 
schooling projects. 
He sure loves learning! 

and Jailyn loves teaching! 

He even chose Tylenol over his stronger pain meds. 

(Griggs wont be out done!)

Elijah is glad that momma is home - 
but paying me back for leaving him.
It's all good though - and all in building trust and security
in my boy who is so horribly wounded. 

Soooo lots of hugging and one-on-one projects going on.

And here is Hagan's war wound. 

He wanted to see a picture of it. 
Though he got a little scared when I showed it 
to him.
Yes, buddy - you have every reason to be sore.

I have had to fight back the tears more then once as
I relax a bit and realize what could have been
and so thankful for what is. 


Anonymous said...

So totally awesome how the medical community has learned so many ways to help boys like Hagan! Truly a miracle! And all glory to God for His immeasurable love for ALL of us, His Children! God bless you all for staying strong in the Lord through all of this! Still praying every day for all of you! ~Faith

Sherri said...

Bless his little heart.

Sherri said...

Bless his little heart.


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