Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Day of school, boo-hoo!

Soooo, we're a bit late...
but hey,
I also keep this blog as a scrapbook for us -
so here goes our
 first day of school!

Kenzie - Senior Year

Conner - Freshmen Year

Jorja - 3rd grade

Donovan - 2nd grade

Jailyn - 2nd grade

Elijah - Kindergarten

And the gang of littles.
(Hagan and Griggs are staying home but wanted to wear their backpacks too.
We are so thankful that we made the decision earlier to keep Hagan home 
this year - God is soooo good! Paving the way before we even know
where our journey will take us!)

Brady left for his 2nd year of college before I returned from 
the elementary school. 
Course he missed his first class because he got a flat tire on the way. 

Update on Hagan coming tomorrow -
he's doing well and sooo happy to be home with his posse!

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