Sunday, September 8, 2013


Soccer season has begun!!

Yesterday we only had 3 games
(today we have 1 more)!

(can you believe Hagan is out kicking a ball around - 
me neither!)

It's always great to get back on the pitch!

(Griggs is happy to be with his family and have his goldfish!)

Daddy was able to be Elijah's substitute coach
as his coach is an awesome fire fighter 
and had to be at the fire house. 

Donovan has a new team and plays with some kids from school!
He seems much more comfortable this these friends...

or maybe it's the bigger field 
where he can show off his powerful leg!


And Jorja,
well, she amazes me!

She has a great coach who loves the girls
and works hard with them to develop their skills.

Look at my little peanut -
not afraid to take on these girls -
double her size.

next weekend... 7 games are on the calendar
+ gymnastics practice ...
I love my weekends!

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